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Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, Nov. 4 | DETAILS

Shop early! 2018 Alternative Christmas Gift Catalog offers gifts that change lives and may be purchased in honor or memory of friends & loved ones | DETAILS

Biblical Musical Instrument Display: Groups invited to make appointments for guided tours in Jackson, TN | DETAILS

Special Session of General Conference, Feb. 23-26, 2019, St. Louis, MO: 

  • Latest news | DETAILS
  • Brief summaries of 3 plans | 1-pg PDF
  • Chart of 3 plans (created & shared by Great Plains Conference) | 2-pg PDF
  • Constitutionality of 3 plans | DETAILS
  • Communicate with Memphis Conference delegation | DETAILS
  • Conversation resources | DETAILS
  • Prayer resources | DETAILS

Invest in Young People

Summer 2019 paid internships: Jan. 15 is deadline for young adults to apply for Project Transformation in Memphis, TN | DETAILS

Children enjoyed community festival: Watch TV news story about neighborhood outreach by Northside United Methodist Church in Jackson, TN | DETAILS

Engage the Mission Field

Thanks for generous response! Supplies to help survivors of Hurricanes Florence & Michael are on way to affected areas | DETAILS

Open House for Grace-full Gifts: Support prison church Grace Place United Methodist Church by shopping at its gift shop in Bartlett, TN, on Saturday, Nov. 3 | DETAILS

Baby Bottles of Hope: Nov. 4 is last day of campaign that benefits Hannah's Hope | DETAILS

Create Transforming Lay & Clergy Leaders

Bishop McAlilly was in South Africa. He was among United Methodist leaders at recent meetings in Johannesburg | DETAILS

Before engaging a public issue: 5 things lay & clergy leaders should consider | DETAILS

Grow Fruitful & Faithful Churches

$10,000 Community Transformation Grant: Nov. 30 is deadline for Memphis Conference churches & districts to apply | DETAILS

Invite your community this Christmas. Customize postcards, invitation cards, banners, yard signs, posters & download digital resources | DETAILS

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The MISSION of the Memphis Conference of The United Methodist Church is to discover, equip, connect and send lay and clergy leaders who shape congregations that offer Jesus Christ to a hurting world, one neighborhood at a time.

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